Welcome to the International Student Admissions Centre for a number of quality AUSTRALIAN schools

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Australian Boarding Schools International (ABSI) is not an education agent - ABSI is the International Student Enrolments Centre for a number of quality Australian schools.  

There is no fee charged by ABSI to any family, student or education agent - our service and assistance in working with you is completely 'free'.  

Should an education agency be assisting a family with their child's enquiry or application, ABSI will work with that education agent for the best outcome possible and a smooth enrolment procedure into the school of choice.  Our schools are featured in the Schools AUSTRALIA tab.

The ABSI schools request that enquiries and applications be directed through the ABSI International Enrolments Centre.   We offer a number of highly regarded and highly ranked boarding schools.  We also offer selected outstanding schools offering homestay accommodation.   

Every one of the schools of the ABSI group of schools has an excellent reputation, high ranking academic outcome and all have caring and supportive pastoral care programs.  Whether your child needs specialised sporting, performing arts, STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics) programs or wishes to focus on hospitality or fashion, there is a school that will best match your child.   All of these schools have extensive, modern and amazing facilities.   Some of our schools are the 'oldest' in Australia and all have long histories, incredible reputations and are sought after not only by international students but also by Australian families for providing the education to their children. 

There are a choice of locations of schools across Australia. We will guide you, as we will know the perfect location and school to suit your child's needs, personality, interests and importantly can offer affordable solutions for those needing to consider the budget of schooling their child.

Should you need a respected and valued education agency representative to assist you in your own country with the process - we can recommend our schools' approved agencies and also work with your agency through the application procedure.  The agency needs to work via our Enrolments Centre for these schools.  

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Whether you or your parents or education representative overseas are just beginning to explore the options of selecting a quality Australian high school,  or you are ready to apply to one of our quality schools in Australia, we can help!  Choosing the right school for your child can be a difficult decision. We have over 20 years experience in assisting families to find the best school for their son or daughter. Schools of the ABSI group of quality boarding schools in AUSTRALIA all aim to ensure your son or daughter graduates with the best academic outcome possible, and along your child's school journey, our schools will nurture and develop your child's character to ensure other values and elements (not just academic) are developed: integrity, respect, confidence, problem-solving, accountability, compassion, social justice, manners - and to be the best they can be, both in studies, friendships, future study, careers and in future family life.   Allow us to assist and guide you in choosing the right school.  A school your child will be connected to for life.
On behalf of school admissions, ABSI's Directors of Enrolment will contact you, and offer assistance, answer your questions, provide information you need about the school or procedures, and explain the next steps required for your child to be considered for admission.